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With any plan on the Stream Network, it's easier to stay connected to your friends and family, wherever they live.

  • Affordable international calling rates (no app needed)
  • International Text for only 5¢ each. (from the U.S.)

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Stream International Plus

Want to save even more? Stream International Plus gives you more for just $5 a month!

  • UNLIMITED Calls to Mexico and Canada (including wireless-to-wireless!)1
  • UNLIMITED International text messaging (from the U.S.)2
  • Our lowest international rates (rates vary by country)3

Check out our sample rates to see how much you can save!

Stream Standard Rate
(per min)
Stream International Plus Rate
(per min)
Australia $0.21 $0.02
Canada $0.02 FREE
China $0.04 $0.02
Denmark $0.18 $0.14
France $0.60 $0.41
Germany $0.39 $0.26
Ireland $0.51 $0.35
Italy $0.26 $0.21
Japan $0.17 $0.14
Mexico $0.03 FREE
Netherlands $0.19 $0.13
Singapore $0.03 $0.01
Spain $0.17 $0.13
South Africa $0.23 $0.18
United Kingdom $0.40 $0.27

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1Excludes Northern Territories of Canada - 867.

2Unlimited international text does not include audio, picture or video messaging.

3Some mobile & landline numbers in select countries are excluded.

Stream international rates effective 3/31/2016. Included destinations and rates subject to change at any time. Limited time offers; subject to change. Qualifying plan and capable device required. Calls must originate from the US. Excludes international roaming and certain call types. For personal use only. Stream may terminate service for any line of service with unreasonable use. Prohibited network use rules apply. Offers and coverage not available anywhere or for all phones/networks. Restrictions apply. Other terms and conditions apply. Calls rated on a per minute basis. Partial minutes rounded up. Call forwarding only to U.S. numbers. None of Stream’s international calling plans are intended to be, nor should they be relied upon for, emergency purposes.

Calls and messages made to destinations not included in add-ons will be subject to additional charges. AVAILABLE COUNTRIES AND/OR SELECT INTERNATIONAL CITIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.